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Release Engineer

Reporting to the Development Manager, this role is responsible for constructing, developing codes, debugging and maintaining web site applications while conforming to in-house software development processes. Additionally, this role conforms to define software design methodology for the development and implementation of Internet based application to support all aspects of web site functionality.


  • Perform code evaluation and determine recommendations for adaptation.
  • Creation of Low Level Design Document from Functional Specification and Technical design document.
  • Conduct Low Level Design Review with Team Lead and Technical Lead to ensure that the Low Level Designs conform to respective Functional Specifications and Technical Designs.
  • Participate in code reviews with Team Lead and Technical Lead to ensure that the code adheres to the low level design, and that the code meets coding standards compliance.
  • Apply rigorous testing methodologies and use cases to analyze and verify software programs, algorithms, data transformation, forms, reports and interfaces.
  • Timely communication of issues and status information to Team Lead concerning system development activities.
  • Generate application test data as necessary and validate any data conversion requirements for final implementation and production roll-out.
  • Participate in project status review meeting with Team Lead.
  • Being responsible for the analysis, design and development of certain key business applications.
  • Working closely with the Project Manager and senior staff to ensure stated business objectives are met.
  • Assisting in the hiring of and manage additional developers if and when the project’s schedules require them.
  • Planning and organizing the activities required to produce design documentation and unit tested code.
  • Coordinating the efforts of all developers in the team and ensure the activities are executed according to the project plan and that target dates are met.
  • Maintenance of code repository
  • Branching
  • Merging
  • Managing user permissions
  • Creation of setup packages used to deploy code to server roles in pre-production and production environments
  • Must determine which roles a release affects
  • Must ensure that packages contain only code that was designated for the given release
  • Creation of release notes documenting any action a system administrator is required to perform to ensure a successful release.
  • Supporting QA after pre-production and production pushes.
  • Other duties as may be assigned.

Technical Expectations:

  • Application development with Object Oriented (OOA + OOP)
  • Senior experience working within the SDLC and Agile Methodology
  • Experience with application architecture for we, cross-platform and portable implementation
  • Experience with version control systems (CVS, Subversion)
  • Experience with package management software
  • Linux, Mac O/S, MySQL, PHP 4/5, Apache/Light HTTP technology experience based on LAMP model
  • BDD experience a plus
  • Testing experience an asset

Skills Requirements:

  • Strong written/verbal communication
  • Solid team player with passion to participate in mentoring and team building
  • Proven ability to provide effort and elapsed time estimates for assigned work.
  • Proven ability to execute project deliverable within effort and elapsed time estimates
  • Proven experience in meeting workload estimates as defined in project work plan.

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